About us

The Federation of Sports Pedagogues of the Republic of Macedonia was founded in 1953. It is one of the oldest federations in the Republic of Macedonia. In respect of professional education it counts over 1.500 sports pedagogues, most of them with high education in the field of kinesiology.

A part of them are Masters and PhDs in that field. A significant number of them are active members in the Federation working bodies.

So far, the Federation has realized a number of scientific theoretic and applicative activities. Besides organizing practical sports manifestations with educational, methodological, training, competition and sports-recreation character, it also has organized a number of professional and scientific meetings (seminars, tribunes, scientific conferences, symposiums, congresses and other similar forms of work)

The Federation has been organizing these kinds of work since its very foundation. Among the most significant professional and scientific gatherings are scientific symposiums and congresses. Over the past years, it has continually organized two international congresses, 17 international symposiums and 11 professional scientific conferences on physical education and sports. These gatherings have been organized in cooperation with certain scientific and sports associations in the Republic of Macedonia. Meetings are usually organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Physical Education of “St. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, Macedonian Olympic Committee, Agency of Youth and Sports within the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonian Sports Federations Union. Each symposium and congress were attended by an average of 250 sports pedagogues. Most of them presented their scientific researches in the kinesiology field and other related sciences, such as biological and medical, pedagogical, psychological and other sciences.

At scientific symposiums, the Federation traditionally awards sports pedagogues from the Republic of Macedonia and other countries with recognitions for their successful professional and scientific achievements in the field of physical education, sports and other social inter-disciplinary activities.

From 1973 until 2010, the Federation continually published the “Physical Education” magazine, most often twice a year. Over the last 20years it had been published as an international magazine. Since 2011, the magazine has been transformed and continually published in two international magazines: “Research Kinesiology” and “Activities in Physical Education and Sports”. Both magazines are published in English with abstracts in Macedonian. The Federation is one of the rare associations in the field of physical education and sports that has been registered as a publishing house. It has published a great number of professional and scientific publications in the field of physical education and sports activities. Most of the authors of those publications are members of the Federation.

Having in mind aforementioned activities of the Federation, its primary function is based on the Law on Associations, the Law on Sports and its Statute. Having realized its program provisions, independently or in cooperation with other similar domestic and foreign associations, first of all it cares about promotion and improvement of the professional, scientific, theoretical and practical work in the kinesiology and all its fields for its membership needs and for satisfying personal and social interests of youth and other age categories of citizens. It is particularly realized through dissemination of processional and scientific knowledge presented at meetings in its organization and published in its magazines and other publications.

Furthermore, the Federation realizes its function through: