In Memoriam

Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Naumovski (1946-2017)


It is a great responsibility and honor to write several pages that would incorporate the life and the works of Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Naumovski.
The fruitful activities of the overall scientific, educational and social opus of professor Aleksandar Naumovski is featured by indelible trace in the development of the Macedonian sports science and profession, at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. The role of professor Naumovski during the establishment of the first Macedonian higher educational institution in the are of sport sciences, the Faculty of Physical Education of the SS. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje in 1977 (nowadays Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Health), as well as his enormous pioneering contribution in the application of contemporary statistical methods and techniques in the research as a precondition for novel impartial scientific findings, have made professor Naumovski an example for a high level scientist in the field of kinesiology.
Professor Aleksandar Naumovski was born in Bitola, Macedonia, on January 5th, 1946, where he graduated from high school department of physical education (1965). He was one of the best students and at the same time one of the best athletes in gymnastics.

He studied at the Higher Educational School for Physical Education at the University in Belgrade, where earned his B.A. in 1969. During the period 1971-1975 година, he worked as a professor of physical education in a high school in Bitola, while from 1975 to 1979 he was employed as a professional associate and adviser at the Committee for Physical Education within the Executive Council (the Government) of Macedonia.
In 1975, he earned his master’s degree at the Faculty for Physical Education at the University in Belgrade, acquiring the scientific title-Master of Science in the field of physical education. In 1981, at the same university he acquired the degree Doctor of Science in the field of physical education.
In 1978, Naumovski was elected a lecturer of Methodology of Research and Statistics at the newly established Faculty of Physical Education of the SS. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, while in 1981, at the same faculty, he was elected in the title assistant professor. In 1986 he was elected associated professor, while in 1991, he acquired the title professor of Methodology of Research and Statistics. Naumovski was elected in the permanent title professor in 1996.

The great commitment of professor Aleksandar Naumovski was a reason for him to face immense professional and life challenges: to create, to build and to develop-day and night. Professor Naumovski has successfully overcome these challenges thanks to his competence, scientific and professional proficiencies, as well as with his genius for analytical, systematical, objective, rational, pragmatic and creative approach.
Extraordinary skilled and impeccably diligent, Naumovski became the founder of the scientific field Methodology of Research and Statistics in Macedonia, due to his work in the organization and development of physical education and sports, as well as because of his scientific and teaching activity. Today, his works are a standard for every scholar that wishes to deal with this extraordinary challenging profession.
In the period of 1990-2013, with great enthusiasm, professor Naumovski has delivered lectures in Methodology and Statistics at several universities in Niš, Novi Sad, Štip and Bitola. The lectures were followed by enormous number of students with huge interest.
In 2012, Professor Aleksandar Naumovski was accredited to supervise doctoral students at the SS. Cyril and Methodius University, by the Board of Accreditation in Higher Education of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, in the area of Kinesiology at the Faculty of Physical Education.
He was a supervisor for numerous master’s theses and doctoral dissertations (around 15) and a member of defense committees, as well as referee of scientific works published by authors from various universities.
Professor Dr. Aleksandar Naumovski has founded and chaired the postgraduate studies of the Faculty of Physical Education in Skopje for almost a decade. He has also been chair and member of reviewing committees for election of professors at the same faculty and other universities in Europe.

Throughout his research activity, professor Naumovski has intrinsically explored and clarified numerous significant issues from the area of kinesiology. His works are cited in leading scientific journals in our region and beyond. His devotion to the problems related to kinesiology has resulted with more than 200 scientific and professional papers written by him, published in national and international journals, as well as collection of papers from scientific meetings in the area of sports, physical education and kinesiology. Naumovski has published more than 10 textbooks and scientific monographs. He has realized (in most of the cases as a leading researcher) 11 national, bilateral and international multiannual scientific projects exploring the physical and functional abilities. Among these projects is the three-year joint project “Measurement Characteristics of Certain Tests for Evaluation of the Motor Latent Dimensions at Athletes in Macedonia and Bulgaria”, realized by research teams of the National Sports Academy “Vasil Levski” in Sofia and the Faculty of Physical Education in Skopje.

One of the most extensive researches of professor Naumovski is the project on Valorization of Sport Activities in Macedonia, published in 1988, that can have applicative character, since the obtained valorization e of special significance for creation of measurement instruments, criteria and standards for preparation of program strategies for development of sport activities and physical education in our country. This precious research is of crucial significance for the conception of the program orientation for determination of the priorities for development of sport activities in Macedonia. The research is of perpetual value, since it is founded on contemporary scientific grounds and appliance of contemporary research methods and techniques.

The publishing activities of professor Naumovski included:
-Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Physical Culture”, which since 2011 is indexed by several bibliographic institutions of data bases, currently published under the title “Research in Kinesiology” (1984 -2017);
-Editor-in-Chief of the journal „Activities in physical education and sport, indexed by several bibliographic institutions of data bases (2011-2017);
-Editor-in-Chief of “Bibliography 1973-1998 – journal “Physical Culture”, Publisher: Association of Sport Pedagogues of the Republic of Macedonia (1998);
-Editor-in-Chief of 30 years “Bibliography 1971-2001 of scientific and professional papers in the periodical publications of physical education in the Republic of Macedonia”. Publisher: Association of Sport Pedagogues of the Republic of Macedonia (2001).

The papers published in the above mentioned journals, as well as the names of their authors are highly respected and successful, while the composition of the editorial boards of the journals represents a unique recognition given to our professor Naumovski.

In the period 1975- 2017, professor Naumovski has participated in the organization and with papers in more than 150 professional or scientific events. From 1996 until 2017, he directly participated in the organization of two congresses for sport and physical education of Macedonia, 21 traditional symposia on sport and physical education of youth and 15 international scientific conferences; all these events in cooperation with other institutions were organized by the Federation of the Sport Pedagogues of Macedonia.
Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Naumovski has accomplished a rich international activity and cooperation:
-He participated in large number of scientific events in several countries with papers, many of which were introductory;
-From 1978 to 2017, he was a member of the program committees or the scientific committees of numerous physical education and sports science scientific events.
-In the period 1982 -2017 година, in different time periods or continuously was a member of the editorial board or the editorial council of several international scientific journals, most of which indexed or with impact factor: Kinesiology (Croatia), Collegium Antropologicum (Croatia), Facta Universitatis (Serbia), Acta Kinesiologica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), SportLogia (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sport Management (Serbia) and many others.
-From 1992 to 2017 година, he was a reviewer of the papers in different journals and collection of papers from scientific events.
Professor Naumovski is a recipient of large number of rewards:
-1983, a special Certificate of Gratitude by the Council of the journal “Physical Culture”, for the ten year anniversary of its successful publishing;
-1983, Golden Pin Award of the Yugoslav Association of Physical Education Pedagogues for the multiannual successful work in the advancement of physical education in the pedagogical and educational organizations;
-1995, Acknowledgment by the Macedonian Sport Pedagogues for eminent sport scientist;
-2012, Appreciation Charter of the SS. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje for the contribution in the development and advancement of the scientific, teaching and educational activity of the university;
-2013, Gold coin of the Federation of Sport Pedagogues of the Republic of Macedonia, in acknowledgment of the 60 year jubilee (1953-2013) of the federation and the 40 year jubilee of the “Physical Culture/Research in Kinesiology” journal.
-2014, Honorary Professor of the National Sport Academy “Vasil Levski” in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Aleksandar Naumovski has been engaged in different scientific organizations such as:
-Member of the Presidency of the Association of Physical Culture of Macedonia (1976-1980),
-Member of the Presidency of the Yugoslav Olympic Committee (1977-1980),
-President of the Association of Sport Pedagogues of the Republic of Macedonia (1995-2017).

Thanks to professor Naumovski’s tireless and creative spirit and his analytical approach and critical thought in the realization of the scientific research projects, the results that he has achieved in each thematic area are of perpetual value, representing vast scientific opus with numerous physical education and sport issues covered from contemporary scientific perspective.

Based on the impact of Naumovski’s works and his virtues, one can conclude that professor Naumovski was a unique university professor, not only because of his colossal knowledge, but also due to the power to transfer the knowledge to his students with enthusiasm and positive energy. The opus and the wider social values that he possessed, together with the high culture and eloquence that characterized him and specially his ability to actualize certain dilemmas and provide proposals for solutions for contemporary complex issues in sports and physical education, make Aleksandar Naumovski an unforgettable figure. The professor has participated in the solution of the problems with modern-day approach, responsibly, creatively, diligently and in a collegiate manner. In all occasions his word, lectures, speeches and presentations, given their precious style and quality of their content were highly estimated and perceived with special attention.

A short text like this one can not possibly incorporate all large and significant accomplishments of professor Aleksandar Naumovski, both in terms of his scientific opus and his engagement at the formation and development of scientific institutions, particularly the Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Health and the scientific and professional staff in the area of sport and physical education. Luckily, there are numerous written documents that witness the overall contribution of the professor, which would be inspiration for subsequent comprehensive and overall analysis.
I will conclude with sharing my feelings that the proposal to write this “In memoriam”, has put me in a challenging position, since this task is not an easy one, because of two reasons: First, professor Naumovski was supervisor of my theses, associate in several significant researches and my supporter and consultant in realization of important projects for many years. Second, his scientific opus, organizational skills, creativity and the achievements of his life, that unfortunately finished too early.

At the end, I would like to quote Professor Vihren Bachev, who has outlined the following in the epideictic speech during the funeral of the professor:
“Professor Naumovski, one of the many awards that you hold is the title of Honorary Professor at the National Sport Academy “Vasil Levski” in Sofia, Bulgaria, a title which places you side by side with personalities such as Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Juan Antonio Samaranch, professor Bruno Grandi, Jacques Rogge, Thomas Bach, professor Primo Nebiolo, Franz Beckenbauer, Sergey Bubka, professor Vladimir Platonov, Ruben Acosta, Dr. Adolf Ogi , Morinari Watanabe.
Dear professor and estimated friend, the thing which is extraordinary in this case is that you are the first one from the Balkans that holds this high recognition!“.

Dr. Strasho Gligorov